Oleh: Rudy | September 8, 2007

A Sequential Theory Of Decentralization

Sebuah Hipotesis yang menarik, disarikan dari:


Falleti, Tulia G. 2004. “A Sequential Theory Of Decentralization And Its Effects On The Intergovernmental Balance Of Power: Latin American Cases In Comparative Perspective.” American Political Science Review 99: 327—346.


…..Different sequences of decentralization account for the resulting amount of change in intergovernmental balance of power.


I argue that if political decentralization takes place first, it enhances the bargaining power of subnational actors in subsequent rounds of negotiations over other types of decentralization. In this case, fiscal decentralization is likely to follow, with administrative decentralization occurring last. This sequence of reforms leads to a higher degree of autonomy for governors and mayors.


At the other extreme, if administrative decentralization takes place first and is followed by fiscal decentralization and then political decentralization, this sequence of reforms enhances the power of the national executive and sets serious fiscal constraints on subnational executives…..



  1. Kerala is tiny state in Indian federal polity where the ‘big bang’ theory of decenetralization was applied successfully. please http://www.decwatch.org for details

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